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Research Development

Office of Federal and External Affairs

The Office of Federal and External Affairs is responsible for strengthening the research, educational, and community service goals of the University of Puerto Rico. It is charged with coordinating and expanding the relationships with federal funding agencies, ultimately influencing local legislation policy, and monitoring federal legislation that impact the research enterprise. The Office also helps coordinate the federal and external affairs efforts at the eleven campuses in the UPR system providing technical support and training to faculty and staff as well as identifying federal opportunities and securing research support.


To foster and support research especially in those disciplines and areas of study where it is possible to garner competitive outside funding and where there is the potential for the research to generate contributions to society, culture, industry, and public policy.

To encourage the production of research in theoretical and applied disciplines by facilitating interactions with federal funding agencies, foundations and private organizations.

University of Puerto Rico

Directory of Federal and External Affairs

  1. Carmen Bachier, MP
    Assistant Dean for Sponsored Programs, DEGI
    Río Piedras Campus
    PO Box 21790
    San Juan, Puerto Rico 00931-1790
    Tel. (787) 764-0000 x 3348
    Fax (787) 772-1497

  2. Agro. Roberto Rigau
    Coordinator Office of External Resources
    Mayagüez Campus
    Collage of Agricultural Sciences
    Agricultural Extencion Services
    PO Box 21120
    San Juan, PR 00928-1120
    Tel: (787) 765-8000 x 3084/3019
    Fax (787)771-9051

  3. Mrs. Evelyn Albino
    Coordinator, Office of External Resources
    Mayagüez Campus
    PO Box 5000, Mayagüez, P.R. 00681
    Tel: (787) 832-4040 x 5252
    Fax (787) 831-2060

  4. Mr. Norberto E. Pérez, Director
    Office of Sponsored Programs
    Medical Sciences Campus
    PO Box 365067, Suite 622C
    San Juan, PR 00936-5067
    Tel: (787) 758-2380
    (787) 758-2525 x 1394
    Fax: (787) 766-6764

  5. Mrs. Ivette Martínez Palma
    Office of Sponsored Research Development
    Medical Sciences Campus;, Suite B-622
    PO Box 365067
    San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936-5067
    Tel: (787) 765-9028
    Fax: (787) 766-6764

  6. Prof. Gladys de Jesús
    Coordinator, Office of External Resources
    Humacao Campus
    Bo. Tejas, Estación Postal CUH
    Humacao, Puerto Rico 00791
    Tel: (787) 758-2380
    Fax: (787) 850-9478,

  7. Dr. Stella Aneiro
    Coordinator Office of External Resources
    Arecibo Campus
    PO Box 4010, Arecibo, P.R. 00614
    Tel: (787) 815-0000 ,
    Fax: (787) 880-4972

  8. h. Dr. Eileen Acevedo Rhodes
    Academic and Student Affairs Deanship &
    Counseling and Guidance Department
    #170, Carr. 174, Parque Industrial Minillas
    Bayamón, Puerto Rico 00959-1911
    Tel: (787)993-8958
    Fax: (787)993-8925

  9. Prof. Gladys Ramos
    Director of External Resources
    Cayey Campus
    Ave. Antonio R. Barceló
    Cayey, Puerto Rico 00736
    Tel: (787)738-2161 x 2575
    Fax: (787) 738-8039

  10. Prof. Grisobelle Virella
    Chancellor's Assistant and Director Office of External Resources
    Ponce Campus
    PO Box 7186, Ponce, P.R 00732-7186
    Tel: (787) 844-8181 x 3007/3008
    Fax: (787) 290-4064

  11. Prof. Ana E. Falcon Emanuelli
    Dean Academic Affairs
    UPR at Carolina
    PO Box 4800
    Carolina, PR 000984-4800
    Tel: (787) 257-0000 x 3253 and 4653


    Prof. Carmen Cruz
    Director of Planning

  12. Mr. Gerardo Javariz Cordero
    Coordinator Office of External Resources
    Office of Planning and Institutional Research
    Aguadilla Campus
    PO Box 250169,
    Aguadilla, PR 00604-0160
    Tel: (787) 890-2681 x 325
    Fax: (787) 890-2143

  13. Dr. Ángel O. Custodio
    Coordinator, Office of External Resources
    University of Puerto Rico - Utuado
    PO Box 2500
    Utuado, P.R. 00641
    Tel. 787 894-2828 x 2118
    FAX: 787-894-2877

  14. Maria Vargas-Capriles, MBA
    RCSE Assistant Director and
    PR EPSCoR Project Administrator
    Resource Center for Science and Engineering
    PO Box 23334
    San Juan PR 00931-3334
    Phone: 787-765-6696

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