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The UPR Cancer Research Center Initiative

The UPR Cancer Research Center

The University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus in partnership with the University of Texas, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston is developing an organizational structure for a Cancer Center which maximizes stability and continuity in cancer research by recruiting independent cancer researchers, promoting professional development and establishing a community outreach program. The long-term goal of this initiative is to become a Comprehensive Cancer Center which will lead to: decrease in health care disparities; create access to research driven Cancer Care to all Puerto Ricans, and improve early detection, diagnoses, treatment, and care.

To achieve the designation of Comprehensive Cancer Center, the center needs to conduct programs in the areas of basic, clinical, prevention and control research as well as programs in community outreach and education. To facilitate these objectives, basic research facilities are being remodeled at a cost of $17M and will be concluded in the Winter of 2008. The facilities are located in the Biomedical I Building of the UPR Medical Sciences Campus and will provide 40,000 square feet of laboratory space and 11,600 square feet for support services.

The creation of a Puerto Rico Cancer Center will benefit the Island by (1) delivering standardize cancer care; (2) making available clinical trials to cancer patients in the island; (3) providing cost-effective treatments to cancer patients; (4) increasing clinical, epidemiological, and basic research activities which will have a positive impact on the economic development of the Island; (5) developing an infrastructure that will promote Puerto Rico as a high-quality health care provider, locally and regionally.

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