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Research Initiatives

The Molecular Biology Science Building

The Bioprocess Development and Training Complex

The Bioprocess Development & Training Complex (BDTC) started operations in September 11th, 2008, with an agenda of trainings and research projects that will strengthen Puerto Rico's leadership in biotechnology.

The complex was constructed with combined investment of $12.5 million between PRIDCO, the University of Puerto Rico, the Economic Development Administration of the Federal Department of Commerce, and in-kind donations and work from the private sector. It will serve as an educational, training & research center in support of the biotechnology cluster providing well-trained, highly skilled human resources and state of the art biotechnology process development research capacity needed to nurture this growing sector of the local economy.

The complex is located in the Guanajibo Industrial Park at MayagŁez, with 28,751 square feet and has very sophisticated technology to advance the development of projects in research and development in bioprocessing. The new installations house laboratories with the capability of developing fermentation, cell culture, protein purification, and biomolecule characterization. They also have a training center with conference, long distance learning, an amphitheater and a laboratory for the learning of teams in biotechnology manufacturing processes. The laboratories will be available to private companies, as well as academic research purposes.

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