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Emma Fernández-Repollet, PhD, Receives 2008 Greenwood Award

Dr. Emma Fernández-Repollet, RCMI Program Director at the Medical Sciences Campus and University of Puerto Rico Vice President for Research and Technology , received the Greenwood Award on December 1, 2008, during the RCMI International Research Symposium in Honolulu, Hawaii. The award was presented by Dr. Keith Norris, President of the RCMI Program Director’s Association.

The Greenwood Award is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Frederick C. Greenwood, an internationally acclaimed scientist and exemplary scientific administrator who worked at the University of Hawaii at Manoa until his death in August 2000. The intent of the award is to honor individuals who exemplify either Dr. Greenwood’s ideal of research excellence or his commitment to service to the biomedical science community, especially as it pertains to minority populations.

Dr. Sidney A. McNairy, Associate Director in the National Center for Research Resources (NCRR), NIH, and Dr. Emma Fernández-Repollet share a moment after the award ceremony

After being awarded the Ph.D. in physiology from the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine, Dr. Fernández-Repollet received postdoctoral training in renal physiology and anatomy at Duke University and the University of North Carolina. In 1982, she returned to Puerto Rico to establish her own laboratory in the Department of Pharmacology of the UPR School of Medicine. Her research explores three major areas: 1) the role of T cells in type I diabetes, 2) pharmacological applications of flow cytometry, and 3) transgenic models for studying the insulin receptor. She has consistently published results of her investigation, which includes more than 40 peer-reviewed publications in prestigious journals such as the Journal of Physiology (London), the American Journal of Physiology, and the American Journal of Medical Science. Her research and collaborations have generated over 60 presentations and abstracts in national and international forums.

Dr. Fernández-Repollet's contributions to the field of renal physiology and anatomy extend beyond her laboratory. She has acted as a reviewer for numerous journals and has served on the Editorial Board of Renal Failure since 1989. She has chaired sessions on renal physiology and pathophysiology at several national and international conferences. Moreover, Dr. Fernández-Repollet has served on numerous NIH panels, grant review committees, and site visit teams for funding nephrology and diabetes research.

Dr. Fernández-Repollet is greeted by Dr. Sidney A. McNairy and colleagues
from the University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus
Dr. Fernández-Repollet is greeted by Dr. Sidney A. McNairy and colleagues from the University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus

Dr. Fernández-Repollet's service to the University of Puerto Rico impacts all campuses, institutions and programs. In 1998, she instituted a program in Bioethics and Survival Skills in Research that has become a nationally recognized model for graduate student training. In 2002 she agreed to serve as Special Assistant to the Chancellor for Research Development on our campus. Soon afterward, in 2003, recognition of her leadership capacity, dedication, and organization skills led the President of the University to appoint Dr. Fernández-Repollet Vice President for Research and Technology. In this office, she has provided oversight and stimulus of the entire scientific research and infrastructure enterprise of the eleven UPR campuses throughout the island. She played a major role in developing and implementing several university-wide initiatives, including the creation of the Molecular Sciences Building, the first research center of its kind in Puerto Rico.

Dr. Fernández-Repollet has served as Program Director of the University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus RCMI program for more than fifteen years. In this capacity, she has played a lead role in infrastructure development, faculty recruitment, and programmatic expansion, including the creation of the RCMI Clinical Research Center on our Campus. In addition, she is the PI of the Biomedical Research Education Program, which focuses on promoting interest in science and research among schoolchildren in Puerto Rico. She has also played an important role on promoting projects related to women’s health and women’s health research in Puerto Rico and abroad. Similarly, her service on countless NCRR national committees, planning groups, and advisory boards has enabled her to contribute to the development of programs both in Puerto Rico and beyond our borders.

Dr. Fernández-Repollet has been an active collaborator of the RCMI Program at the national level, and is recognized among her peers for her leadership and management skills. As a result of her commitment to the RCMI community, she was appointed President of the RCMI Program Director's Association in 2003.

Congratulations to Dr. Fernández-Repollet for this special achievement.

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