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AUTM Eastern Region Meeting


The AUTM 2009 Eastern Region Meeting "Going Global: Innovation without Borders" was held in San Juan, Puerto Rico on June 15-17, 2009. Puerto Rico was identified as a location that facilitates the interaction among North American and non-North American members and fosters the exchange of information on different technology transfer approaches.
Over 130 attendees gathered to discuss topics related to the globalization of technology transfer, particularly global health and to take advantage of unique networking opportunities. International, national and local speakers included representatives from academia, government and private sector. A copy of the program agenda can be found at:


Dr. Emma Fernández-Repollet, Vice President for Research and Technology, University of Puerto Rico and member of the Program Committee, served as moderator of the plenary presentation "Science and Technology Opportunities in Puerto Rico". In this panel, representatives from the academic, private and government sectors provided an overview of the process for stimulating life sciences, technology and economic growth being developed in Puerto Rico. Panelists included: Dr. James Pérez in representation of Mr. Javier Vazquez Morales, Executive Director, Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company; Mr. Luis Enrique Rodriguez, Executive Director, Puerto Rico Trust for Science, Technology and Research; Dr. José R. Carlo, Chancellor, University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus; Mr. Sigfrido García, President INDUNIV and Team Leader New Processes and Technology, Pfizer, and Mr. Cyril Meduña, President, Avent-Morro Partners.  


Other presentations of special academic interest comprised "The RCMI Translational Research Network as a Model for Global Health: Community at the Heart of Innovative Research and Technology Transfer", Tanaga Boozer, Florida A & M University, "Bridging the Gap Between   Research and Commercialization: How the National Institutes of Health Can Help", Lili Portilla, NCRR-NIH, and "The SBIR Program at the National Cancer Institute", Michael Weingarten, NCI-NIH.


The RCMI Program at the University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus was one of sponsors of the activity.



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