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Puerto Rico Science and Technology Trust

The Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company (PRIDCO)

The Industry-University Research Consortium (INDUNIV)

The Pharmaceutical Industry Association of Puerto Rico (PIA)

Puerto Rico Science and Technology Trust - is a non-profit entity with representation from industry, academia and government. The trust acts as a link between the government, the universities in Puerto Rico and the investors, promoting technology transfer, commercialization and financial support for the scientific sector. The University of Puerto Rico has continuous representation in the Puerto Rico Science and Technology Trust through its president, Antonio García Padilla, and Emma Fernández-Repollet, Vice President for Science and Technology.

The Trust's flagship project is the development of the Puerto Rico Knowledge Corridor, a significant development for cutting edge science facilities, education, centers and corporate offices. Strategically located in the heart of the San Juan Metropolitan Area, the Corridor will include the University of Puerto Rico Río Piedras Campus, the Medical Sciences Campus, the Molecular Sciences Complex, the University of Puerto Rico's Botanical gardens and the Puerto Rico Cancer Center. The Trust works diligently to capitalize its funds, to identify knowledge base economic models, to create science parks, and to establish a technology transfer unit in Puerto Rico.

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The Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company (PRIDCO) established in 1950, is a government-owned corporation dedicated to promoting Puerto Rico as an investment destination. Its role is to underscore the Government's commitment of providing exceptional financing alternatives and pro-business environment emphasizing, Puerto Rico's large infrastructure capacity, strategic location, modern high tech communications, and skilled workforce. In order to strengthen and sustain industrial capacity, PRIDCO also prioritizes competitiveness in life sciences, technology, computing services and other aspects of the knowledge economy. This corporation works in close collaboration with the Puerto Rico Science and Technology Trust, to fulfill the later goals of research and development.

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The Industry-University Research Consortium (INDUNIV) is a non-profit organization created in 1985 to unite industry, academia and government to promote the fields of science, education and high technology in Puerto Rico. Committed to these endeavors INDUNIV administers three Business Clusters: the Pharmaceutical Industry Cluster, the Puerto Rico Bioscience Alliance and the Puerto Rico Health Care Council. The organization has also helped promote the establishment of state-of-the-art research and training facilities, such as the new Bioprocess Development & Training Complex (BDTC) built near the Mayagüez Campus of the University of Puerto Rico. INDUNIV's work is financed by donations from industry and academia, income from events it organizes and a matching grant from the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company (PRIDCO). Allocations for research are secured through a grant from the University of Puerto Rico. Representatives from the industry, government and academia are members of the Board of Director, presided by Dr. Sigfrido García, Pfizer Puerto Rico New Processes & Technology Director/Team Leader and its vice president, Dr. Emma Fernández Repollet, Vice President for Research and Technology, University of Puerto Rico.

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The Pharmaceutical Industry Association of Puerto Rico (PIA) gathers and represents research-based multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with operations in Puerto Rico. These are 19 corporations organized in 33 manufacturing operations with 17 commercial entities and 6 corporate offices, each represented in PIA-PR by its respective General Manager. The association is led by a twelve Board members currently chaired by Merck Sharp & Dohme Vice President Puerto Rico Operations, Daneris Fernández. The association#39;s Executive Vice President is Agustín Márquez-Veglio. There are 14 permanent committees and various ad-hoc committees. As of 2006, the pharmaceutical industry generates around 30,000 direct jobs in Puerto Rico. This represents 26% of the island's total employment in manufacturing. In addition, the pharmaceutical industry provides a major market for other island industries, small businesses and professional organizations that provide an ample range of goods and services including manufacturing components; food services; architectural design, and engineering; medical, legal and banking services; insurance; transportation; communication; and tourism, among others. In terms of employment, the sector's activity generates over 100,000 indirect and induced jobs in the rest of the economy. The impact of the pharmaceutical industry on the local economy is also evident through its payroll. Currently, the average wage among production workers is among the highest salaries paid in Puerto Rico. The pharmaceutical industry represents 24% of the Island’s Gross Domestic Product. And, in 2006, Puerto Rico exports in the pharmaceutical industry represented 60% of all exported commodities.

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