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Dr.  Margarita Ortiz Marciales
Dr. Margarita Ortiz Marciales

Pending Patent No. PCT 06-077
Catalytic Asymmetric Synthesis of Primary Amines via Borane Reduction of Oxime Ethers using Spiroborate Esters.
Inventors: Margarita Ortiz Marciales,
Viatcheslav Stepanenko, Melvin De Jesús, Francisco Merced, Xiaogen Huang Kun Huang

Pending Patent No. 11/512,599
Highly enentioselective carbonyl reduction with borane catalyzed by chiral spiroborate esters derived from chiral b-aminoalcohols.
Inventors: Margarita Ortiz Marciales,
Viatcheslav Stepanenko, Wildeliz Correa, Melvin De Jesús

Dr. Jorge E. González
Dr. Jorge E. González
Mayagüez Campus

Dr. Gerson Beauchamp
Dr. Gerson Beauchamp
Mayagüez Campus

Patent No. 6,539,738
Compact Solar-Powered Air Conditioning Systems.
Inventors: Dr. Jorge E. González, Dr. Gerson Beauchamp

Patent No. 6,536,677
Automation and Control of Solar Air Conditioning Systems.
Inventors: Luis V. Melendez, Jorge E. González, Gerson Beauchamp, Luis V. Meléndez

Weiyi Jia (UPR)

Patent No. 6,117,362
Long persistent blue phosphorescence.
Inventors: Weiyi Jia (UPR) and William Yen (University of Georgia Research Foundation)

Patent No. 6,267,911
Long persistent green phosphorescence.
Inventors: LWeiyi Jia (UPR) and William Yen, Lizhu Lu and Huabiao Yuan) University of Georgia Research Foundation)

Patent No. 6,953,536
Long persistent phosphors and persistent energy transfer technique.
Inventors: Weiyi Jia and Dongdong Jia (UPR) and William Yen and Xiao-Jun Wong (University of Georgia Research Foundation)

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